UX Sketch Notes

I’m often asked to share the UX diagrams in my Moleskine sketchbook(s) and explain some of the techniques I use to create these. I plan on publishing a series of articles that explain my approach to UX Sketching and the materials I use. In the meantime I’ve here are a small selection of sketches (scanned directly from my notebooks).


Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils don’t bleed on Moleskine Paper



Inspired by Bikablo (I love Bikablo)



A journey or milestones metaphor works well for strategic planning


User flow style overview of data-entry, reporting and analytics system


Showing how, strategic, tactical and operational goals are interconnected


Agile UX Processes (left) and eye-candy (right)


Low-level “card ui” sketches (left) and the resulting hi-fi prototype (right)


For complex systems I often sketch infographic style then walk users through it

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