I keep six honest serving men…

Who would have thought a poem written over 100 years ago would help me think about UX Design…



The complete poem


I Keep six honest serving-men:
    (They taught me all I knew)
Their names are What and Where and When
    And How and Why and Who.
I send them over land and sea,
    I send them east and west;
But after they have worked for me,
    I give them all a rest.

I let them rest from nine till five.
    For I am busy then,
As well as breakfast, lunch, and tea,
    For they are hungry men:
But different folk have different views:
    I know a person small--
She keeps ten million serving-men,
    Who get no rest at all!
She sends 'em abroad on her own affairs,
    From the second she opens her eyes--
One million Hows, two million Wheres,
    And seven million Whys!



  1. Lita says:

    Fascinating! Good old Kipling – still inspiring us. Your infographic brings his discipline and insight bang up to date. Great post.

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