Using a single page summary of research findings

Sometimes, particularly at the end of a long “Discovery” Phase, stakeholders want a quick and easy way to remind them of the research methods you used, who participated and the conclusions you have drawn from this. The infographic below I created together with the detailed research documentation (stakeholder goals, survey results and interview notes). It’s a single page (A3 size) sketch that summarises all the main points. It’s easy to see at a glance what are the research findings and much easier to review than the detailed research documents, especially for time-constrained business owners.


Why sketch why not Powerpoint?

It’s much faster to create (doesn’t have to be fancy) and very easy to share electronically by scanning or even use a mobile phone to take a picture. Plus the organic not quite straight lined freehand look is more pleasing to the eye and encourages feedback, and discussion. After all, the recommendations are open to discussion particularly when domain experts using their experience may conclude different insights triggered by the research findings. If this was a Powerpoint it would visually communicate, this is it, no room for discussion. My intention here was to communicate recommendations but encourage validation.

Materials used

  • I sketched this on A3 Bristol Board (Extra smooth) so ink didn’t bleed through and mistakes can easily be removed.
  • Rotring Isograph 0.5 Technical Pen (for detailed linework) … alternative Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint 0.5 (these are great technical pens but are disposable and I’m trying to minimise plastic waste hence the refillable, reusable Isograph).
  • Papermate Flair pen (for outlines).
  • Copic Marker Pens Original/Classic (for inking).
  • Berol RapidDesign R-140 plastic circle template (for the magnifying glass and numbered call-outs and pie chart).
  • Tombow Correction Tape … plenty of it 🙂


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