Visual collaboration

We use 75% of our brain capacity for processing visually. Albert Einstein reputedly said, If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it.” …

Below is a collection of sketches from my Moleskine design note books. I intend to describe my process for sketching and some basic techniques to show you that almost everyone can draw. For the time being, think of the following as eye-candy…





Explanation how user centred design (UCD) can be integrated into Agile methods.




Roadmap from problem through various stages to the “Big Goal”.





Communicating how: strategic, tactical and operational objectives span the customer ecosystem.





How “User Journeys” map to UX deliverables (storyboards, sitemaps, wireframes).




Concept explaining how content is collected and analysed to provide customer insights.




Visual explanation of a proposed workshop to validate storyboards.






Eye-candy sketches inspired by Bikablo and the office I was working at.




Concept explaining how personalisation is achieved through content filtering.




Quick wireframe sketches for a mobile application.




The different hurdles on a personalisation journey.




Concept explaining a “profile” represents the centre of the hub and services the spokes.




A visual narrative of the challenges and solutions to help move from strategic goals to outcomes. 


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